How easy it is to converse with someone when you share a common interest. I share with you the love of horses and the desire to have a safe and rewarding experience with them. I’ve been involved with horses for a number of years, and I strive to make my experiences with my horses more interesting for both them and myself. I decided to seek a John and Josh Lyons Trainer Certification. Since completing that certification program I find that I am well prepared to train horses and teach people. Therefore, I am offering my services to anyone that feels they may have a need. My training methods are based on three simple principles, one, you or I cannot get hurt, two, your horse cannot get hurt, and three; your horse has to be calmer after the session. I find that by following these principles, the training methods are universal and the particular riding discipline is not of great consequence.

Luis Alvarado


Mission, Vision and Values

• Our Mission is to provide an avenue for individuals or groups to learn, to encourage people to interact with their horses enthusiastically and horses to interact with their people in a safe and healthy manner. 

• Our Vision is for people to spend quality time with their horses in an atmosphere of knowledge and confidence.

• Further, we believe that whether you enter into an agreement with us to train your horse for you or to team up with you to train your horse, you should receive a fair Value for your investment.    


“Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.”   – Psalms 20:7